Issue 01 Page 03

Rude Awakening

Holly Wood wakes up on an alien ship….

Issue 01 Page 04

Tied Up

Holly Wood wakes up and the aliens try to reason with her….

Issue 01 Page 05

Lost in Space

The Professor explains the situation to Holly….

Issue 01 Page 07


Holly fights the invading aliens….

Issue 01 Page 08

The Accident

General T’rg busts the Professor’s chops for all the accidents….

Issue 01 Page 09


Holly has some words for General T’rg….

Issue 01 Page 10

Deep Space

Introducing the flagship of the Z’nu Armada….

Issue 01 page 13

Ron Hobbits

The origin of the Church of Scientology….

Issue 01 page 14

No Guns

The reason why there are no lasers in space….

Issue 01 page 15

Z’nu Butts

General T’rg mixes his metaphors….

Issue 01 page 17


The S’p’r and Z’nus try to figure out how to fight each other….

Issue 01 page 18

Face Off

Holly vs. The Queen of the Znus….

Issue 01 page 19


The fight between Holly and the Queen gets fierce….

Issue 01 page 21

The Rescue

Holly is accidently jettison into space!…

Issue 01 page 22


Holly is invited to join the S’p’r Armada….

Issue 01 page 23

Welcome to SPACE

General T’rg is on the hunt for Professor Fr’d….

Issue 01 page 24

Humans Suck

The Fate of the Queen of the Z’nus….